WaveSport Kayaks

A range of kayaks featuring tried and tested designs and top build quality and construction. Made in the UK!

WaveSport Sit On Top Kayaks

Wavesport Scooter X used to be the Perception Scooter Whiteout Sit On Top Kayak Formally The Perception Scooter

WaveSport Scooter X - WhiteOut

WaveSport have made the Scooter as a kayak which is fun for everyone to use, great for use in the sea, on rivers and out in the waves.

Wavesport Scooter XT (Gemini) Tandem Double Sit On Top Kayak

Wavesport Scooter XT - WhiteOut

The Wavesport XT (previously the Scooter Gemini) double sit on top is a fast, yet stable sit on top which is great for sea, harbours, rivers and estuaries.


WaveSport White Water Kayaks

Wavesport Diesel river running kayak

WaveSport Diesel - WhiteOut

The Wave Sport Diesel is a do it all river running kayak, having been popular for many years the Diesel is now available in this basic level of outfitting for an extremely affordable, proven river runner.

Wavesport Ethos CORE WhiteOut Crossover Kayak

WaveSport Ethos - WhiteOut

The Wave Sport Ethos is a kayak designed to bridge the gap between touring and general purpose boat. The Ethos is available in two different outfitting options.

Wavesport Project X Freestyle Playboat

WaveSport Project X

The WaveSport Project X is a cartwheeling machine, designed for great performance on waves and in down river play.

Wavesport Phoenix Cherry Bomb Is A Tough Creeking Whitewater Kayak

WaveSport Phoenix - CORE WhiteOut

The WaveSport Phoenix offers a combination of speed and agility, allowing paddlers to take on some of the toughest creeking around.

WaveSport Touring and Sea Kayaks

Wavesport Fuse 35 kids kayak for river running playboat from Bournemouth Canoes

WaveSport Hydra & Hydra LV

The Wave Sport Hydra & Hydra LV are perfect for all paddler abilities, the Hydras are great for flat water touring but also have pronounced rocker allowing you to surf explore coastal paddling areas.

Wavepsort Horizon Tandem Kayak With Single Individual Cockpits In Blackout Spec Perfect For Touring

WaveSport Horizon

The Horizon is one of the only plastic Tandem touring kayaks currently available which features two cockpits. Fast yet stable; the Horizon is a great touring kayak for two people.

Wavesport Vista Tandem Open Cockpit Kayak Perfect For Touring

WaveSport Vista

An fast, open cockpit tandem touring kayak that can be fitted with an additional child's seat and an over-stern rudder.


WaveSport Kayaks - Suspended from Production

Wavesport Mobius Freestyle Kayak

WaveSport Mobius

The WaveSport Mobius is a fast, short and modern playboat with forgiving qualities that will give beginners the confidence to get into freestyle, whilst offering experienced paddlers enough performance for anything they want to do.

Wavesport Fuse river running playboat from Bournemouth Canoes

WaveSport Fuse

The WaveSport Fuse a great little river running playboat that will help beginners develop and offer experienced paddlers a really good all round kayak.

Wavesport Fuse 35 kids kayak for river running playboat from Bournemouth Canoes

WaveSport Fuse 35

The WaveSport Fuse 35 a great kids river running playboat. Perfect for learning new skills and giving confidence when learning.