Canoeing & Kayaking Helmets For Sale

Protective Helmets for Paddling Canoes & kayaks

A helmet is an essential item of safety equipment that should be worn when paddling in rocky areas or on moving water including white water rapids. Contact us on 01202 625256 if you would like any assistance in selecting the best helmet for your needs.


Sweet Rocker

Sweet Rocker Helmets for whitewater kayaking


Sweet Wanderer

Sweet Wanderer Helmets for whitewater kayaking


Sweet Stutter

Sweet Strutter Helmet


Palm Shuck Full Cut

Palm Shuck Full Cut Helmet in Black


Palm Shuck Half Cut

Palm Shuck Half Cut Helmet in Blue


WRSI Current

WRSI Current


WRSI Current Pro

WRSI Current Pro


NRS Havoc Helmet

NRS Havoc Helmet


Other Headwear and Accessories

Smiley Nose Clip


Smileys nose clip perfect for all types of kayak rolling


The Smiley Nose Clip is a classic peice of gear which helps to prevent water going up your nose. Very popular with freestyle kayakers and surfers. It's also fanastic for practicing your rolling technique at your local spot or club pool sessions. Attach it to your helmet using the tether to keep it secure and ready to use when you need it.

Palm Header Cap


Palm Header Cap perfect for cold winters days under you helmet to keep your head warm


The Palm Header Skull cap is constructed from 1.5mm CR limestone neoprene and is ideal for those colder days on the water. The thinner design will usually fit underneath a helmet, helping to prevent brain freeze duing those winter whitewater trips. The Header Cap covers your ears preventing water from getting in, which is also great for rolling practice.

Palm Eyewear Band


Palm Eyewear Band to secure your glasses/ sunglasses


Palm's simple 2.5 mm neoprene band keep your glasses in place whatever your activity. Thread the arms of your glasses through the neoprene tubes at each end of the band to secure them in place.