Crossover Kayaks For Sale

Multi Purpose Kayaks for All Round Kayaking

These kayaks aim to give the best of both worlds, they are designed as flat water touring boats which are still capable of taking on modest whitewater. Crossover kayaks generally also feature drop down skegs for better tracking and a rear storage area to keep your stuff dry and safe.

Standard Outfitting

These outfittings are great if you're looking for comfort and quality at a lower price point.

Wavesport Ethos 9 & 10 crossover kayak for flat water and whitewater kayaking

Wavesport Ethos - WhiteOut Outfitting

The Wavesport Ethos WhiteOut is designed to do a bit of everything; flat water touring, low grade whitewater and even surf.

Dagger Katana crossover kayak in Action Spec outfitting

Dagger Katana - Action Spec Outfitting

A stable and easy to use kayak which is designed for a bit of everything: messing around on your local river, lower grade whitewater, touring or coastal exploration.


Premium Outfitting

These are the best and most comfortable outfittings. If you're running whitewater and need maximum connection with the boat or just want the most comfortable paddling experience possible then this is the one for you.
* For exact specification of each outfitting level please see individual product page.

Wavesport Ethos 9 and 10 kayak in Core Whiteout whitewater outfitting

Wavesport Ethos - CORE WhiteOut Outfitting

The Ethos by Wavesport is a kayak designed to bridge the gap between touring and general purpose boat. For those paddlers who want to be able to Tour, but also take on rougher waters occasionally, this is a great choice.

Dagger Katana crossover kayak with river outfitting

Dagger Katana - River Spec Outfitting

The Katana is a stable and versatile kayak for those paddlers who want to take on whitewater, yet still have the ability to paddle longer distance's when needed.


We stock and supply crossover kayaks from the leading manufacturers. The models listed above are our most popular models, checkout our brand pages for even more models available from Bournemouth Canoes