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Gumotex Solo Inflatable Kayaks

Gumotex Twist 1 A Solo Inflatable Sit On Top Style Kayak

Gumotex Twist 1 - Nitrilon

The Gumotex Twist 1 is a lightweight inflatable solo kayak coming in at only 9kg, made from Nitrilon it has the advantages of good resistance, wash-ability and durability. The Gumotex Twist 1 has a single removable, comfortable seat. One of the biggest advantages to the Gumotex Twist 1 is it’s stability. Perfect for calm, sheltered stretches of water.

Gumotex Swing 1, A Solo Sit Inside Infaltable Kayak Ideal For Touring

Gumotex Swing 1 - Nitrilon

The Gumotex Swing 1 is a closed cockpit solo inflatable kayak for recreational paddling and touring. Ideal on tranquil rivers, lakes and calm, sheltered coastal bays. The Swing 1 has a system of reinforcements that provides the necessary hull strength for easy manoeuvrability and excellent stability. Thanks to its low weight – coming in at 11.2kg, the Swing 1 is easy to carry to the water and the addition of deck lines makes the Swing 1 great for day trips.

Gumotex Safari Solo Hard Wearing Inflatable Sit On Top Style Kayak

Gumotex Safari 330

The Gumotex Safari is a tougher, more focused version of the Gumotex Twist 1 kayak. With a self-bailing hull and thigh straps for greater connectivity, making the Safari more controllable for riding lower-class white-water or surfing small waves. The Gumotex Safari also features an adjustable foot rest. When it comes to those day trip essentials, you have plenty of room to store a dry bag under the elastic ropes in the bow and stern.

Gumotex Framura Sit In Solo Inflatable Touring Kayak

Gumotex Framura

The Gumotex Framura is the fastest inflatable touring kayak produced by Gumotex. The Framura features an undetachable closed cockpit and lots of storage space within the boat, this combined with a generous load capacity make the Gumotex Framura a great inflatable day tourer,  perfect for long days on calm water. 

Gumotex Rush 1 Inflatable Touring Kayak

Gumotex Rush 1

An innovative solo inflatable kayak which boasts a drop-stitch floor for great performance. A fantastic choice to accommodate paddling in a variety of environments. Optional cockpit cover also available.


Gumotex Tandem Inflatable Kayaks

Gumotex Twist 2 a tandem spacious inflatable kayak, sit on top canoe

Gumotex Twist 2/1

The Gumotex Twist 2/1 is a lightweight tandem version of the popular Twist 1. weighing in at only 13kg, made from Nitrilon it has the advantages of good abrasion resistance, wash ability and durability. The Gumotex Twist 2 has removable, comfortable seats and paddling positions to accommodate tandem or solo paddling!

Gumotex Solor 3 a brilliant family infaltable canoe and kayak that is hard wearing

Gumotex Solar

The Gumotex Solar is a versatile inflatable kayak designed not only for recreation trips on calm water and sheltered coastal bays, but also for multi day trips with a good load capacity and large storage area behind the back paddler. The  Gumotex Solar is equipped with 2 seats but can easily be adapted to a single kayak with even more storage space, or by purchasing an additional seat you can create space for a little one, ideal for taking the whole family out.

Gumotex Thaya nitrilon heavy duty inflatable blow up kayak with solid drop stitch floor

Gumotex Thaya

The revolutionary Thaya inflatable kayak, uses a combination of the special Nitrilon® material and Dropstitch* technology, to produce excellent stability, stiffness and manoeuvrability.

Gumotex Swing 2 Sit in Side Tandem Inflatable Kayak For Easy Touring

Gumotex Swing 2

The Gumotex Swing 2 is a tandem version of the Gumotex Swing 1. The Gumotex Swing 2 is a closed cockpit tandem inflatable kayak for recreational paddling and touring, Ideal on tranquil rivers, lakes and calm, sheltered coastal bays. The Gumotex Swing 2 has a system of of reinforcements that provides the necessary hull strength for easy manoeuvrability and excellent stability.

Gumotex Seawave Tandem Sit In Side Inflatable Sea Touring Kayak

Gumotex Seawave

The Gumotex Seawave has a long and narrow shape, giving this tandem inflatable kayak a high cruising speed and good manoeuvrability in small waves. The Gumotex Seawave has reinforced cockpit rims allowing you to fit a removable spray deck. The keel helps to reduce the influence of the wind and helps to keep Seawave from drifting sideways.  The Seawave is most suited to coastal touring in calm conditions. Although a tandem kayak, the Seawave can also be fitted with a third seat by removing the deck.

Gumotex Rush 2 Inflatable Touring Kayak

Gumotex Rush 2

A fully featured double touring kayak with a drop-stitch high pressure hull. This high spec and high quality inflatable is ideal for almost every paddling application. Suitable for 1 or 2 paddlers.

Gumotex Palava 2 Person C2 Style Open Inflatable Canoe With Bench Seats

Gumotex Palava

The Gumotex Palava is an inflatable canoe that is ideal for day tripping and paddling calm rivers, reservoirs or lakes. The Palava is very versatile, allowing the option of moving one of the seats into the middle for a solo paddler. Its max load weight of 240kg ensures that you can take all the gear you need and the boat will still perform.

Gumotex Scout Economy is 3 Person Open Canoe Style Inflatable Canoe

Gumotex Scout Economy

The Gumotex Scout is an inflatable canoe with a modern design. A versatile, canoe with lots of space and a high load capacity. The Comfort pads on the seats ensure a comfortable days on the water. The Gumotex Scout is perfect for adventurers with lots of kit or families with children. This boat is available in both standard and economy models (S/E).

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Gumotex Ruby inflatable canoe capable of taking a small engine

Gumotex Ruby XL

3 person inflatable canoe perfect for family paddling or for cruising along using an electric outboard motor.


Gumotex Fishing Inflatable Kayaks

Gumotex Halibut Solo Infaltable Fishing Sit On Top Kayak With Comfort Seat

Gumotex Halibut

The Gumotex Halibut is a new inflatable fishing kayak, very stable and considerably lighter than the full plastic alternative. The bottom of the Gumotex Halibut has a solid floor enabling a stable position for angling. A high-standing adjustable seat guarantees comfort during embarking, disembarking and waiting for a catch. Then at the end of your day enjoy the benefits of an inflatable – pack everything into a bag and take it away on your back or in the trunk of your car.

Gumotex Alfonso Inflatable 2 Person Sit In Fishing Kayak Able to Take a Small Engine

Gumotex Alfonso

The Gumotex Alfonso is an extremely versatile inflatable tandem fishing kayak that can also easily be used as a three seater rowing boat.  A very stable boat best suited to comfortable trips on lakes and calm rivers. To add to the options available, the Gumotex Alfonso has a transom on the stern of the boat (equipped with two rod holders) where an engine can be easily mounted.


Sevylor Inflatable Kayaks

Sevylor Madison tandem inflatable kayak

Sevylor Madison

Comfortable and easy to paddle inflatable kayak. The Sevylor Madison has the option to be paddled tandem or solo.

Sevylor Alameda 3 person family inflatable kayak or canoe

Sevylor Alameda

The Sevylor Alameda is a great recreational inflatable kayak that is ideal for families due to its three seats.

Sevylor Alameda Premium Family Inflatable Kayak

Sevylor Alameda Premium

The Sevylor Alameda Premium has the same features of the regular Alameda model but with the addition of Sevylor's easy inflation system.

Sevylor Ottawa 3 person inflatable kayak

Sevylor Ottawa

Featuring I beam construction hull that provides great stability and handling.


Hobie Mirage Inflatable Kayaks Range

Hobie I9s Inflatable Sit On Top Pedal Drive Kayak

Hobie I9s Inflatable Kayak - 2019

The Hobie I9s is perfect for those you want a Mirage Drive kayak that can be transported easily in the boot of your car.

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Hobie i11s Inflatable Kayak With Mirgae Drive

Hobie I11s Inflatable Kayak - 2019

The Hobie I11s is a low profile and lightweight Mirage Drive kayak made for recreational paddling and kayak fishing

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Hobie I12s Inflatable Mirage Drive Kayak

Hobie I12s Inflatable Kayak - 2019

The Hobie i12s is an inflatable kayak that uses Hobie's Mirage Drive system. It is perfect for touring and fishing use and for those who are unable to transport a regular kayak.

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Hobie I14t Inflatable Tandem Kayak With Pedal Mirage Drive

Hobie I14t Inflatable Kayak - 2019

Tandem inflatable kayak featuring Hobie's Mirage Drive. The I14t is ideal for those looking for kayak that is easy to transport and store.

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