Trousers for Canoeing & Kayaking

Dry & Semi dry Trousers

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Yak Chinook

Yak chinook paddling trousers

Fully tapped and breathable dry trousers, featuring latex ankle seals.


NRS Freefall

NRS Freefall kayak dry pants

Waterproof and breathable dry pants for kayaking and canoeing.


Peak Storm Pants X2.5 Evo

Peak UK Storm Pants Dry Trousers For Canoeing and Kayaking

A great pair of dry trousers with built in socks, twin wasit and braces.


Palm Atom Pants

Palm Atom dry pants

Tough kayaking dry pants designed for use in rough conditions.


Palm Zenith Pants

Palm Zenith semi dry pants

Comfortable dry pants featuring neoprene ankle gaskets and a twin waist.


Palm Atom Dry Bib

Palm Atom bib dry pants

Bib style dry pants with built in socks, designed for sea kayaking and kayak fishing.


NRS Sidewinder Bibs

NRS Sidewinder Dry Bibs

Dry bib pants for cold weather conditions featuring Eclipse 4 layer fabric.