Roofrack Accessories

Roofrack straps, pads and locks for canoes and kayaks

Make sure your journey to and from the water is hassle free and relaxing by ensuring you have the easiest method of putting you kayak securely on your roofrack. Our Roofrack accessories will help with that stress free journey.

Not sure how to secure you canoe or kayaks? Contact us for some friendly advice 01202 625256.

CSG Roofrack Straps

CSG 3m or 5m Roof rack cam straps

Roof Rack Straps secure the boat to your racks so that you can transport the boat without it falling off! These are made from a reinforced material for extra strength and durability.


Sold In Pairs - 3m or 5m

Thule Lockable Straps 4 Metre

Thule Lockable Straps

Steel-reinforced locking straps from Thule, used to lock boats or other items to your roof-bars to deter the opportunist thief. Supplied as a pair with lightweight aluminium buckles and protective covers.

Kayak Security Cable

Beluga security cable for roof bars


This is a quick and simple way of keeping your boat safe when it's on the roof.

The cable is secure without a padlock as the end is designed to be shut in a car door... so there's no worries of looking after an extra key.


CSG Roofrack Pads

Canoe Shops Group Roof Rack Pads for square bars at Bournemouth Canoes

High quality covered foam roof rack pads made to fit Thule SquareBars or similar. These are a very good pad for protecting your boats and to stop them sliding, secured underneath with velcro.

Sold In Pairs - 40cm or 80cm

Palm Roof Rack Pads

Palm Roof Rack Pads at Bournemouth Canoes

High quality covered foam roof rack pads made to fit most roof bars.

These secure to your bars with velcro and not only protect your load but stop it moving about.


Sold In Pairs - 50cm or 80cm

Thule Surf Pads

Thule Surf Pads to fit WingBars at Bournemouth Canoes

The Thule Surf Pads are quick and easy to fit and are available to fit either square or most wide roof bars, such as the Thule WingBars. Featuring a durable 600D nylon construction with UV resistance, these pads are made to last.

Sold In Pairs -

51cm or 76cm for square bars

46cm or 76cm for wide bars

Thule JawGrip

Thule JawGrip - roof rack paddle holder

The Thule JawGrip can securely hold up to 2 kayak or canoe paddles, when fitted to your Thule WingBar (Adapter required for Thule SquareBar). It is capable of carrying 7 kg of weight, with a limit of 5.5 cm in diameter.

HandiRack Inflatable Roof Rack

Handirack, inflatable roofrack, quick and simple to use


An Inflatable roof rack ideal for transporting an average size kayak on your roof without the hassle of fitting a solid rack.

Unsuitable for heavy canoes & kayaks.