Gloves for Kayaking & Canoeing For Sale

A selection of some fantastic Gloves & Pogies for use during the different seasons

Gloves and pogies are the simplest and most popular way to keep your hands warm while paddling in the winter, most are made of neoprene and rely on water inside the gloves heating up to keep you warm.

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Peak UK Gloves

Peak UK Neoprene Gloves

The Peak UK Neoprene Gloves utilize a simple yet functional design. Made from 2mm neoprene, they provide a good amount of warmth and grip, helping you stay in control during the colder months.

Palm High Ten Gloves

Palm High Ten Neoprene Gloves

The High Ten gloves from Palm Equipment offer a minimalistic design, but feature all the essentials. Made from 3 mm CR limestone neoprene, they're fantastic choice for all kinds of watersports, keeping your hands warm while mainataining grip and control.

NRS Fuse Gloves

NRS Fuse Terraprene Neoprene Gloves For Warm Hands when Paddling

The Fuse gloves from NRS are made from a 1mm Terraprene (titanium lined neoprene), they offer warmth, flexibility and grip when holding your paddle. The palms are coated with sticky silicon that provides a strong grip even in the most challenging conditions.

NRS Maverick Gloves

NRS Maverick Gloves

The NRS Maverick Glove is constructed from 2 mm neoprene with titanium laminate adhesive. These gloves are waterproof, warm and flexible with an innovative Hydro Cuff™ that helps keep water out and your warmth in, the Maverick is definitely a cut above the rest.

Peak Open Palm Mitts

Peak Neoprene Open Palm Mitts

The Peak Open Palm Mitts are perfect for cold weather paddling. The 2mm neoprene will keep your fingers toasty warm, while the open palm grip allows you to keep direct skin contact with you paddle grip.

Peak Pogies

Peak UK Nylon Pogies

The Peak UK Pogies are a great way to keep your hands covered without losing your natural grip. Made from breathable midweight recycled X3 nylon fabric with 10m waterproofing, they'll definately keep the wind and cold away.

Palm Neo Pogies

Palm Neo Basic Pogies For Sea and Touring Kayaking

The Palm Neo Pogies have a simple yet effective design to provide warmth and control, providing easy access to your paddle grip. The 3mm neoprene make this an great choice for a variety of cool weather conditions.

Palm Descent Pogies

Palm Descent Pogies with Thermal Lining

The Palm Descent Pogies provide warmth and protection, due to the 3mm Quick Dry thermal lined neoprene. The short cuff design allows for quick access to your paddle grip, so you don't compromise on control.