Whitewater Kayaks For Sale

Whitewater Kayaks for River Running, Creeking, and Playboating!

From river running and playboats, to big volume white water creek kayak, there's a whitewater kayak for whatever style of paddling you have your eyes set on.

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General Purpose / River Running Kayaks

General Purpose Kayaks for Surf and Whitewater

These boats are designed for use on whitewater, in the surf and on playing on flat water.

Progressive River and Creek Kayaks

River Running Kayaks and Creek Boats

Creek kayaks are made for running big whitewater rivers and have extra volume and length to handle rapids, drops and slides.

Playboats and Freestyle Kayaks

Freestyle kayaks and Playboats

Made for pulling off the latest moves, park and play style boats which are at home on a wave, in a hole or for flat water playboating.

Crossover Kayaks

Crossover Kayaks Perfect For Both Whitewater and Touring

These kayaks are ideal for paddlers wanting to mix some low grade white water and some river touring.

Kids Kayaks

Childrens kayaks for learning and whitewater paddling

Sit in and sit on top kayaks specifically designed with children and smaller paddlers in mind to give an appropriate fit.

Whitewater Equipment

Equipment for Whitewater Kayaking

Browse through our selection of equipment to help you build your whitewater kayaking ability to the best it can be.

Whitewater Kayak Brands

Wavesport Kayaks Whitewater

Dagger Kayaks Whitewater

Riot Kayaks Whitewater

Titan Kayaks Whitewater