Freestyle Kayaks & Playboats For Sale

Built for the latest tricks, surfing river waves, & flatwater play

These freestyle kayaks are made for tricks and having fun on a river or particular feature. They are designed more for experienced paddlers who want to be able to do the latest tricks; be it in a hole, on a wave or on flat water.

Wavesport Project X Freestyle Kayak

Wavesport Project X

The Wavesport Project X is a cartwheeling machine, designed for great performance on waves and in down river play.

Wavesport Mobius Freestyle Kayak

Wavesport Mobius

The Wavesport Mobius is a fast, short and modern playboat with forgiving qualities that will give beginners the confidence to get into freestlye, whilst offering experienced paddlers enough performance for anything they want to do.

Wavesport Fuse river running playboat from Bournemouth Canoes

Wavesport Fuse

The Wavesport Fuse a great little river running playboat that will help beginers develop and offer expreienced paddlers a really good all round kayak.

Wavesport Fuse 35 kids kayak for river running playboat from Bournemouth Canoes

Wavesport Fuse 35

The Wavesport Fuse 35 a great kids river running playboat. Perfect for learning new skills and giving confidence when learning.