Hobie Mirage Drive Kayaks & Hobie Pedal Boards

We are one of the UK's leading suppliers of Hobie Kayaks and Hobie accessories. The Hobie Mirage Drive Kayaks & SUP's are high quality kayaks & Sup's which feature the patented mirage drive pedal system, and also offer the option of sailing with most models. Please call for information or advice on 01202 625256.

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Hobie Mirage Classic Drive Kayaks

Hobie Kayaks Low Cost Mirage Drive Pedal Sit On Top Kayak

Hobie Passport 10.5 | 2020

The newest edition to the Hobie Mirage Drive sit on top range, the Hobie Kayaks Passport 10.5. This simple, low cost mirage drive Hobie is ideal for paddlers looking for their first steps into pedal drive kayaks.

Hobie Kayaks Newst, Cheapest Model, The Hobie Compass

Hobie Compass | 2020

The all-new Hobie Mirage Compass brings a new hull design combining the fast bow from a Revolution and the stable hull and stern of a Pro Angler. All for a great price!


Hobie Mirage 180 Drive Kayaks

Hobie Kayaks Mirage Drive Revolution 11

Hobie Revolution 11 | 2020

An 11 foot version of the most popular kayak in the Hobie Range, the Rev 11 has all the features of the Rev 13 and offers them in a more manoeuvrable and lightweight kayak.


Hobie Kayaks Revolution 13 Kayak perfect for fishing

Hobie Revolution 13 | 2020

The most popular kayak in the Hobie range, the Revolution 13 is an all round kayak offering the perfect mix of speed and manoeuvrability. Popular for touring, fishing and family fun.

Hobie Kayaks Newst, Cheapest Model, The Hobie Compass

Hobie Outback | 2020

The new and improved Hobie Mirage Outback. For this coming season Hobie have totally revamped the Outback bringing a load of fantastic new features to make the Outback even better!


Hobie Kayaks Tandem Kayaks

Hobie Kayaks Compass Duo budget tandem mirage drive pedal sit on top kayak

Hobie Compass Duo | 2020

The Hobie Compass Duo is the news tandem in the Hobie Mirage kayaks range. The Compass Duo has been born out of the success of the Hobie Compass Solo kayak and is a great budget way to get your hands on a Tandem Hobie Mirage Drive pedal sit on top kayak.

Hobie Oasis Tandem Mirage Drive 180 Kayak

Hobie Oasis | 2020

Longer and faster through the water than the Outfitter, the Hobie Oasis is a better choice for longer distance paddling and extended trips.


Hobie Pro Angler Range

Hobie Pro Angler 12 Fishing Platform

Hobie Pro Angler 12 | 2020

When the angling agenda calls for a stable, capable fishing platform, the Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 12 stands ready.

Hobie Pro Angler 14 Large Fishing Kayak Platform

Hobie Pro Angler 14 | 2020

When the angling agenda calls for a stable, capable fishing platform, the Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 14 stands ready.


Hobie Island Kayak Range

Hobie Kayaks Adventure Island Triman Pedal and Sailing kayak

Hobie Adventure Island | 2020

The Adventure Island is a unique experience, combining the hull of the Hobie Adventure with outriggers and a large sail to create a fast and exciting Trimaran that can either be sailed, pedaled or paddled.

Hobie Kayaks Tandem Island Saling cat Kayak

Hobie Tandem Island | 2020

Double the fun of the Adventure Island, the Tandem Island offers a ride like no other, featuring an 8.4m2 sail, you can cover large distances and have great fun whether you are a sailor or not.


Hobie Stand Up Paddle / Pedal Boards

Hobie Eclipse 10.5 Paddle Pedal  Board

Hobie Eclipse 10.5 & 12.0

A revolutionary new product from Hobie, the Mirage Eclipse is the first SUP that you can also pedal.


Hobie Mirage Drive Inflatable Kayaks Range

Hobie I9s Inflatable Sit On Top Pedal Drive Kayak

Hobie I9s Inflatable Kayak

The Hobie I9s is perfect for those you want a Mirage Drive kayak that can be transported easily in the boot of your car.

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Hobie i11s Inflatable Kayak With Mirgae Drive

Hobie I11s Inflatable Kayak

The Hobie I11s is a low profile and lightweight Mirage Drive kayak made for recreational paddling and kayak fishing.

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Hobie I12s Inflatable Mirage Drive Kayak

Hobie I12s Inflatable Kayak

The Hobie i12s is an inflatable kayak that uses Hobie's Mirage Drive system. It is perfect for touring and fishing use and for those who are unable to transport a regular kayak.

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Hobie I14t Inflatable Tandem Kayak With Pedal Mirage Drive

Hobie I14t Inflatable Kayak

Tandem inflatable kayak featuring Hobie's Mirage Drive. The I14t is ideal for those looking for kayak that is easy to transport and store.

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