Hobie Mirage Tandem Island

Trimaran Sailing Kayak With Mirage Drive 180

Tandem version of the popular Adventure Island. Designed for fast tandem touring & sailing.

2021 Model: £7999.00

Hobie Tandem Island Trimiran Sail

Hobie Tandem Island - Red Hibiscus


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Hobie Mirage Tandem Adventure Island

The Hobie Tandem Island is an extremely fast sailing kayak. The Tandem Island is powered by a roller-furling, boomless mainsail. Both cockpits have steering and control lines, making the Tandem Island ideal for partners of all abilities. And the boat's generous storage space and carrying capacity means that you can go anywhere you want to. The tandem island has 2 mirage drive systems so that you can still take it on long trips if there is no wind. The Hobie Tandem Island is a masterpiece and if you love water sports you will love the Tandem AI.

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Mirage Drive 180 - The Hobie kayaks are famous for their Mirage Drive pedal system. This system consists of a pair of pedals that drive two rubber fins side to side to propel the kayak forward. The Mirage System is silent while pedalling and creates no splash, it also allows you to effortlessly pedal the kayak with your feet while keeping your hands free. For 2017 Hobie have introdcued a simple 'pull' to reverse the drive and allow backwards drives as well as forwards drive. Brilliant!!!

Vantage Seating - Fully Adjustable, thick padded self inflation lumbar support for added comfort. Easy to fit and remove for transport.

Sail Mount - All the kayaks in the Hobie range can take a sail to power your kayak. The optional Mirage Sail Kit attaches to the sail mount on the kayak. The sail maintains speed with or without peddling.

Retractable Rudder System - Hobie's come with a Rudder that is easily controllable with a lever to steer as well as two pull handles on either side of the kayak: a "Down" handle to deploy the rudder and an "Up" handle to lift the rudder out of the water when in shallow water and for landing.

Twist & seal hatch - Twist and seal hatches are simple to use and are hinged so you will never have to worry about losing the cover. The hatches allow you to store equipment below deck.

Two piece paddle - Hobie's come complete with a two piece paddle that can be used for additional manoeuvrability or for when you are not peddling. When not in use the paddle can be stored in the handy hull paddle holder.

Mesh stowage pockets - Keep the items you need close and handy like sun cream, snack bar or waterproof camera.

Mid Boat Carry Handle - Placed in the middle makes it easy to move, lift and store your kayak.

Front Hatch - Allows for storage below deck. The hatch is attached to a safely strap with a detachable clip.

Cup holders - Cup holders are conveniently placed within easy reach. Large Hobie drinks bottle comes with the Hobie kayaks.

Fishing Rod Holders - Molded in to the hull, these rod holders are ideally placed for rods. The holders are also handy for carrying a fishing net or safety flag.

Cargo Area - Large storage area for all the gear you want to take out with you. Bungee tie downs keep it all secure.


  • Crew: 1-2
  • Length: ;18' 6" / 5.64 m
  • Width: 30" / .76 m
  • Beam w/ Amas Out: 10' / 3.05 m
  • Beam w/ Amas Folded In: 4' / 1.22 m
  • Fitted Hull Weight: 124 lbs / 56.25 kg
  • Fully Rigged Weight: 190 lbs / 86.18 kg
  • Mast Length: 18' / 5.49 m
  • Sail Area: 90 sq ft / 8.4 sq m
  • Hull Construction: Rotomolded Polyethylene
  • Manufacturers Weight Capacity: 272 kgOptimum weight capacity may differ - please contact us if you are unsure about the suitability of the Hobie Mirage Tandem Adventure Island for your weight


Hobie Tandem Island Layout - Red Hibiscus

Hobie Tandem Island Layout








Hobie Tandem Island - Red Hibiscus

Red Hibiscus

Hobie Tandem Island - Ivory Dune

Ivory Dune



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