Kayaking Spraydecks For Sale

Nylon, Neoprene & Combi Spraydecks for all kayaking disciplines

A spraydeck is used on a kayak to reduce the amount of water getting in to the cockpit area. The most simple types are made from Nylon with a loose shock cord around the outside and an adjustable waist tube. We normally recommend Nylon spraydecks for beginner paddlers as they are easier to use. A neoprene Spradeck will be the favoured choice for more experiennced paddlers, offering the best amount of protection from water ingress, as they fit much tighter around the cockpit.

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Nylon Spraydecks

Nylon kayak spraydeck

Nylon spraydecks are recommended for use with recreational and touring kayaks. Nylon decks are the easiest to fit and remove making them the best choice for beginners.

Touring Spraydecks

Palm Loweswater Spraydeck

Combination decks feature a neoprene deck with a nylon waist tube. The neoprene deck helps keep you dry and the nylon waist tube is more comfortable for a long day on the water.

Neoprene Decks

Whitewater Neoprene Spraydecks Perfect For whitewater Kayaking

Full neoprene spraydecks are the most dry and are very popular for whitewater. These decks greatly reduce water coming in through the waist tube when paddling in whitewater.

Cockpit Covers

Cockpit Covers For Transporting and Storing Kayaks

Cockpit covers are great for when your kayak is being stored or for reducing drag when on your roof rack. Cockpit covers also keep most of the water out when in transit.