Touring & Sea Spraydecks

Combi spraydecks for sea kayaking & touring

Combination decks feature a neoprene deck area but a nylon or material waist tube and are popular for sea kayaking and touring. The neoprene deck keeps out just as much water as a full neoprene spraydeck would, however the nylon waist tube is more comfortable for a long day on the water. The downside of this type of deck is that water ingress is more likely through the waist tube if you do capsize or paddler in rougher conditions.

Palm Loweswater Combi Spraydeck

Palm Loweswater Combi Spraydeck For Touring and Sea Paddling

Palm's Loweswater touring spray deck has a neoprene deck and breathable fabric waist. It has been designed to suit Day touring, sea kayaking and recreational kayaking. The Loweswater gives the dryness of a neoprene spraydeck with the comfort of a nylon waist tube to make it the best option for touring and sea kayaking.



Palm Roanoke Combi Spraydeck

Palm Roanoke Combi Spraydeck For Kayaking On The Sea And Touring

The Palm Roanoke is the perfect choice for touring paddlers with its combination of 4mm small diamond neoprene deck and breathable fabric waist tube. The neoprene adds abrasion resistance in high wear areas, without compromising the stretch. The Roanoke features removable, adjustable elastic braces, a 9.5mm elastic shock cord and webbing release loop.