Canadian Canoe Paddles

A range of Alloy, fiberglass & Wooden Canoe Paddles and Poles

Carlise Standard Canoe Paddle

With an alloy shaft and plastic blade, the Carlisle Standard Canoe Paddle is a fantastic oprion for both beginners and high use environments.


Pelican Beavertail Canoe Paddle

The Pelican Beavertail Canoes Paddle is lightweight, tough and ideal for beginners or as a spare paddle.


Pelican Beavertail Canoe Paddle

A great choice for beginner canoeists, designed to offer easy progression with early level paddling skills.


Lightweight, Powerful, Wooden Canoe Paddle

A square-shaped blade with a resin tip, which is designed to offer more powerful and effective paddle strokes.


Grey Owl Scout Canoe Paddle

A great quality general purpose canoe paddle at an affordale price.


Lightweight Wooden Beavertail Canoe Paddle

A classic blade shape, reinforced with a resin tip, offering one of the smoothest and most efficient performances in the water.


Prijon RIM Indian (C1) Canoe and Rafting Paddle

A great choice for beginner canoeists looking for a stable and reliable blade design, for easy progression with paddling skills.


Lightweight, Cherry Wood Ottertail Canoe Paddle

A classic blade shape that best suits deep water paddling, and gives the paddler a super smooth performance in the water.

Currently not available to order

Grey Owl Guide Canoe Paddle

Deep water canoe paddle with a laminated cherry construction and pear grip.


Grey Owl Voyageur Canoe Paddle

Popular canoe paddle used for all round paddling.


Werner Nantahala Lightweight Open Canoe Paddle For A Range Of Paddling Including Whitewater

A lightweight canoe paddle with a fibreglass blade & shaft.


Junior canoe paddles

Small wooden canoe paddle from Grey Owl

The Grey Owl Owlet is a junior canoe paddle with a wooden construction and designed with a brilliant build quality


Lightweight and Durable Entry Level Junior Canoe Paddle

A brilliant canoe paddle, designed to offer younger paddlers an easy time progressing with their skills.

Currently not available to order

Canoeing Poles

TNP Alloy Canoe Pole

Aluminium 2 part Open Canoe Pole.