Grey Owl Voyageur

Wooden Canoe Paddle

Popular canoe paddle used for all round paddling. It is constructed using a laminated ash and bass shaft with cherry pear grip; cherry, butternut, and bass blade.


Grey Owl Voyageur canoe paddle

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Grey Owl Voyageur

The recreational line is characterized by the multi-laminated designs of contrasting woods, and blades that remain constant in size throughout different lengths. Also because of their design, they tend to have a stiffer flex than the traditional models. In general, the stiffer the paddle, the more efficient it becomes. However, some of the comfort found in paddling with a softer flex blade is sacrificed. Shorter and wider than the traditional paddles, this line offers the widest range of canoeing applications.


  • Grip:  3 ply laminated black cherry, pear shape

  • Shaft:  3 ply laminated ash and basswood, oval 1 1⁄8” x 1 1⁄16”

  • Blade:  7 ply laminated cherry, basswood and walnut

  • Blade Cross Section Style:  cambered

  • Tip Material & Style:  casting epoxy, straight

  • Finish:  high gloss exterior polyurethane with a UV block

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