Our Most Popular Family Size, Solo, Expedition & Composite Open Canoes

Below is a selection of the most popular Open canoes that we sell for paddling on River's, lakes and Estuaries. We are able to supply most manufacturers and models, please call for price and availability on 01202 625256.

Popular Recreational Family Open Canoes

Pelican 15-5 3 seater family open canoe ideal for first time paddlers

Pelican 15.5

The Pelican 15'5" is a more affordable option to get all the family out on the water. 3 seats and not too heavy makes the Pelican 15'5 perfect for entry level paddlers.

Pelican 14.6 3 seater family open canoe ideal for extra comfort

Pelican Explorer 14.6

A superb first open canoe, the Pelican Explorer 14.6 is ideal for family days out, camping, fishing or just getting out and about on the water for a bit of fun in comfort.


Popular Triple Layer Open Canoes

Enigma RTI 13 solo open canadian canoe perfect for a range of fresh water paddling

Enigma RTI 13

Enigma Canoes RTI 13 the smallest and lightest solo open canoe in the Enigma Canoes range. Perfect for those searching for a lightweight plastic open canoe perfect for day paddling & taking out the dog.

Enigma Nimrod 14 solo or tandem open canadian canoe - Green

Enigma Nimrod 14

The Enigma Nimrod 14 the perfect open canoe for any paddlers looking for a lightweight, tough, triple layer plastic canoe. The Nimrod 14 is easy to handle both on and off the water tandem or solo.

Enigma Canoes Nimrod 15 Open Canoe - Red

Enigma Nimrod 15

The Enigma Nimrod 15 is the perfect open canoe for tandem paddling or for a small family of 3 looking to get out on the water. The Enigma Canoes Nimrod 15 has a great carry capacity, high free borad and will allow most tandem recreational paddlers to get away for the weekend.

Enigma Prospector 16 open canoe perfect for flat water touring or whitewater paddling

Enigma Prospector 16

Enigma Canoes Prospector 16 open canoe, the perfect size to paddle tandem or solo. The hull shape of the Prospector 16 is the most versatile in the Enigma Canoes Range, ideal for flatwater or whitewater.

Enigma Turing 16 family or expedition open canadian canoe

Enigma Turing 16

The Enigma Turing 16 is great for paddlers who are looking for an open canoe capable of longer expeditions. The water line length and over all carry capacity makes the Turing 16 a dream for these paddlers. No Two Journeys The Same.

Nova Craft Prospector 15 SP3 Plastic Open Canoe

Nova Craft Prospector 15 SP3

The Nova Craft Prospector 15 is a compact open canoe that offers great versatility and is ideal as a solo or tandem canoe for flat water and moderate whitewater use.

Nova Craft Canoes Prospector 16 Plastic Open Canoe For the Family

Nova Craft Prospector 16 SP3

The Nova Craft Prospector 16 is a perfect tripping canoe for longer flat water river and lake journeys but is also great for general family paddling and even moderate whitewater.


Popular Lightweight Tuffstuff Canoes

Novacraft Trapper 12 lightweight solo open canoe

Nova Craft Trapper 12 - TuffStuff

The Trapper 12 is a super lightweight solo canoe constructed from Tuffstuff composite.

Nova Craft Bob Special in Tuffstuff a Superlight weight Canoe

Nova Craft Bob Special - TuffStuff

The Bob Special is a lightweight Tuffstuff Canoe that is perfect for solo or tandem paddling. The Bob Special is perfect for use on a range of different waters.

Novacraft Prospector 16 Tuffstuff open canoe for a range of waters

Nova Craft Prospector 16 - TuffStuff

Lightweight version of the extremely popular Prospector 16, a brilliantly versatile boat that is as at home on flat water as it is whitewater rivers.

Novacraft Canoes Pal 16 Tuffstuff Lightweight Open Canoe For Flat Water Paddling

Nova Craft Pal 16 - TuffStuff

The Pal 16 by Nova Craft is based on a classic canvas on frame design and is a very popular multipurpose canoe design, a true all rounder and made in light and strong TuffStuff.


We stock and supply the best ranges of Canadian Canoes from the leading manufacturers. The models listed above are our most popular models, checkout our brand pages below for even more canoes available.