Open Canoe Fixings, Fittings & seat Hanging Kits

Open canoe fixings and fittings for attaching buoyancy bags/blocks & open canoe seat hanging kits.

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Open Canoe Buoyancy Bag/Block Fixings

Open Canoe Buoyancy Lashing Kit to secure bags or blocks

Open Canoe Lashing Kit

The open canoe lashing kit is ideal for keeping bow/stern buoyancy bags or blocks in place.

  • This includes: P-Clips, Rivets and Lengths of Cord.
Open Canoe NorthWater D-ring Fixing

D-Ring - Single

A canoe 2 inch hard wearing D-ring with nylon webbing attached to a vinyl base. Ensure your buoyancy stays in place.

  • Dimensions 5 inch x 7 inch - 12.7cm x 17.8 cm
Floating Rope Perfect For Painter Loops and Swim Lines Sold Per Meter

8mm & 10mm Floating Rope

High Tensile polypropylene floating rope. Perfect for painter loops and swim lines. Available in 8mm and 10mm Thicknesses.

Open Canoe Cam Straps With SS Buckels sold as a pair in 3m or 5m

CSG Roofrack Straps

Quality webbing straps with a cam buckle on a neoprene pad to protect your boat or whatever load you are carrying.


Open Canoe Seat hanging kits & Yoke/Thwart Fixings

Open Canoe Bow/Stern Front and Rear Seat Hanging Kit Made From Wood Including Botls

Enigma Canoes Seat Hanging Kit - Oiled

Seat hanging kit for fitting or replacing seats in your canadian canoe. This kit contains 4x 150mm Stainless Bolts, Washers, Black Nylon Finishing Washers, Nyloc Nuts and 83mm Oiled Ash Dowels. Wood is oiled and uncut to allow for custom finishing.

This kit is compatible with Bow, Stern and Center Seats.

Open Canadian Canoe Yoke and Thwart Bolt Kit

Enigma Canoes Yoke & Thwart Fixing Kit

A fixing kit perfect for fitting new/replacement open canoe yokes & thwarts. Supplied complete with 65mm Stainless Bolts, Nuts, Backing Washers and Gunwale Washers.

65mm bolts are suitable for the majority of plastic gunwales, however the Canadian made Enigma boats need the longer ones at 70mm.

If in doubt, the 70mm bolts will work for all applications.

Supplied in the following configurations:

Thwart Fitting Kit

2x 65 or 70mm Stainless Bolt
2x Nut
2x Backing Washer
2x Gunwale Washer

Yoke Fitting Kit

4x 65 or 70mm Stainless Bolt
4x Nut
4x Backing Washer
4x Gunwale Washer