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Bournemouth Canoes is a specialist sea kayak retailer and we are staffed by experienced sea kayakers. Our range of sea kayaks are selected from the leading brands from around the world including Perception Kayaks, Valley Sea Kayaks, North Shore Sea Kayaks and Sea Bird Kayaks. We keep an excellent range of sea kayaks in stock in our showroom all year round. Our staff are all experienced sea kayaks with a wealth of knowledge, please call in to discuss your sea kayak requirements.

Rotomoulded Plastic Sea Kayaks

Riot Brittany 16.5 is a Roto Moulded Sea Kayak perfect for expeditions and paddling distance

Riot Brittany 16.5

Riot Brittany is a boat designed for British waters. With a moderate width it boasts excellent initial stability, this really sets it apart from other sea kayaks. The Brittany opens up sea kayaking to a different market.

New Valley Sirona RM Plastic Sea Kayak

Valley Sirona RM

The newest design from Valley Sea Kayaks, a true All-Ocean kayak manufactured in the UK.

Perception Kayaks Essence 16 and 17 Expedition Kayaks

Perception Essence 16 & Essence 17

An affordable, single layer sea kayak suitable for all level's of ability for day touring and expedition paddling. Made in the UK

Northshore Atlanic RM Plastic Sea kayak

Northshore Atlantic RM

The Northshore Atlantic RM is a user friendly and well performing sea kayak best suited for day paddling and shorter expeditions. Made in the UK

Valley Etain RM plastic Sea Kayaks

Valley Etain RM

The Etain is a superb Sea Kayak for Expeditions that will suit a range of different abilities and feature's Valley's superb build quality. Made in the UK

Valley Gemini SP RM Short and Light Sea Kayak

Valley Gemini SP RM

The Valley Gemini SP RM is an agile and playful ocean play sea kayak best suited for rock hopping, surfing and short journeys. Made in the UK


Composite Sea Kayaks

Seabird Scott Cheap Composite Kayak Designed for UK Waters

SeaBird Scott Composite Kayaks

The SeaBird Scott is a fantastic british designed composite sea kayak aimed at use in british waters.

Norse Bylgja Sea Kayak UK

Norse Bylgja

The Norse Bylgja is a hardchine kayak that is best suited for medium to large paddlers that are looking for something playful and easy to handle in rough conditions but also tracks well when touring.

Norse Idun Sea Kayak UK

Norse Idun

The Norse Idun is a hardchine kayak and is the smaller version of the popular Bylgia. Itís hard chine and shorter length gives you full control making it playful and easy to handle in rough conditions. The lightweight, V-shaped hull also helps it to track and maintain speed when touring.

New Valley Sirona Composite Sea Kayak

Valley Sirona

The newest design from Valley Sea Kayaks, a stable, nimble and user friendly day and weekend boat. Made in the UK

Valley Gemini Sports Play and Sports Play Composite Sea Kayaks

Valley Gemini SP

Agile and manoeuvrable, the Gemini SP is a very capable and fun ocean play kayak. Made in the UK

Valley Gemini Sports Play and Sports Tourer Sea Kayaks

Valley Gemini ST

One of a pair of designs, the Valley Gemini "Sports Tourer" is a lightweight and compact, yet surprisingly fast composite sea kayak. Made in the UK

Northshore Atlantic & Atlantic LV Sea Kayak

North Shore Atlantic Evolution & Atlantic Evolution LV

With its strongly rockered soft chined and shallow v-shaped hull the Atlantic gives confidence and excitement to novices and experts alike. A more affordable option for those who want a composite sea Kayak for day paddling and expeditions. Made in the UK

Valley Etain Composite Sea Kayak

Valley Etain Composite

Featuring predictable handling, manoeuvrability and impressive forward speed the Etain gives paddlers all the performance needed for any Expedition. Made in the UK


Sea Kayak Information

Sea kayaks nowadays come in various shapes and sizes and range in length from 15 feet to 18 feet. Generally, the longer a sea kayak is, the faster it will be through the water, as well as having more storage capacity for camping gear, meaning they are perfect for longer paddles and overnight trips. Shorter Sea kayaks such as the Valley Gemini are designed as as compromise between straight line speed and manoeuvrability, meaning they can be used more easily for rock hopping and surfing but don't have as much space in the hatch's for gear.

Plastic Sea Kayak or Composite Sea Kayak?

One of the most important decisions when buying a sea kayak is the choice between plastic and composite constructions; both carry their own advantages and disadvantages so ultimately the decision will be down to the purchaser. For a lot of people starting out in sea paddling, plastic is the preferred option as they are more robust (they wont normally break unless the impact is very severe) so when landing on beaches, rock hoppingor surfing there is much less chance of serious damage. Plastic is also generally cheaper than composite. Composite sea kayaks offer additional performance, gliding through the water beautifully and will cut through chop and waves with ease.

Composite sea kayaks (especially those made from Carbon/ Kevlar) are also generally lighter than their plastic counterparts.

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