Buoyancy Aids for Canoeing and Kayaking

Paddling PFDs & Buoyancy Aids

Buoyancy Aids are an essential piece of safety equipment and we highly recommend always wearing one when taking part in any type of water sport.

General Purpose Buoyancy Aids

Our most popular buoyancy aids suitable for Sit On Top Kayaking, Canadian Canoeing, Touring & Sea Kayaking. These are generally quite simple in design, but do exactly what they need to.

Yak Blaze

Yak Blaze Buoyancy Aid Perfect For Recreational Paddlers as a Budget PFD


Yak Kallista

Yak Kallista buoyancy aid in red


Peak Racer Pro

Peak UK Racer Pro Low Profile Racing Buoyancy Aid


Palm Meander

Palm Meander High Quality Low Profile Buoyancy Aid


High Back Buoyancy Aids

This style of buoyancy aid has a specific design feature that helps you to achieve a better connection to your seat. The reduced length of back foam means that the buoyancy aid doesn't interfere with your back rest support. This style of buoyancy aid is very popular with touring paddlers and kayak anglers.

NRS Clearwater

The NRS Clearwater High back Canoe and Kayak Buoyancy aid or PFD


NRS Chinook

NRS Chinook high back buoyancy aid for fishing


NRS cVest

NRS cVest Type III


Astral V-Eight

Astral V Eight Buoyancy Aid


Touring & Sea Kayaking

These buoyancy aids are more technical and have more features than general purpose buoyancy aids, generally they are front zip entry for ease of access and will often have lots of pockets for storing on the water essentials. Quite often these buoyancy aids will also have a hydration bladder pocket in the back to help keep you hydrated on those longer sea paddles.

Yak Xipe

Yak Xipe General Paddling Buoyancy Aid


Palm Peyto

Palm Peyto PFD is perfect for sea/touring, canoeing, and fishing


Palm Kaikoura

Palm Kaikora Touring PDF


Peak Ocean Wrap

Peak Ocean Wrap Sea, Toruing, Ocean Touring PFD Bouyancy Aid


White Water & Surf Kayaking

White water buoyancy aids generally include features such as rescue harnesses and additional safety features such as rescue points and knife pockets.

Palm Nevis

Palm Nevis Revolutionary Buoyancy Aid PFD for Whitewater Kayakers and Canoeists


Palm Extrem

Palm Extrem The Most Popular Whitewater Buoyancy Aid PFD for Whitewater Paddlers


Palm FXr


Peak River Guide

Peak River Guide White Water Safety and Rescue PFD


Palm FX

Palm FX Buoyancy Aid


NRS Zen Rescue

nrs zen rescue


Peak River Wrap

Peak UK River Wrap Whitewater Buoyancy Aid PFD


PFDs & Buoyancy Aids for Kids & Pets

Children should wear a life jacket until they are competent swimmers and weigh more than 30kg.

Peak Kidz Zip

Peak UK Kidz Zip Lifejacket

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