Buoyancy Bags For Kayaks & Canoes

Air Bags For Open Canoes and Whitewater Kayaks

Buoyancy Bags, Air Bags, Float Bags and Foam Blocks are used in kayaking and canoeing to fill extra space inside. The idea is to reduce the space inside the kayak or canoe, so that water can't fill it up, in the event of a capsize or "wet exit" rescue.

Kayaking Buoyancy Bags

For all disciplines of kayaking, it is best to use split stern air bags. They secure in place behind the seat, and fit either side of the foam pillar. In some larger kayaks it is also possible to fit bow buoyancy bags in front of the footrest.

Palm Heavy Weight Float Bag (Single)

Palm Heavy Weight Kayak Float Bags

Palm Heavy Weight Float Bags are a heavy duty nylon buoyancy bag designed for split stern/ bow use in whitewater and general purpose kayaks. Available in a range of sizes to suit most modern kayak designs.

RUK Kayak Buoyancy Bags (Pair)

RUK Lighweight Kayak Float Bags

These airbags are an excellent lightweight kayak buoyancy bag, various sizes available depending on use. 15ltr (70cm) airbags are great for playboats or split bow bags, whilst the 85cm and 95 cm airbags are great as split stern bags.

Buoyancy Bags & Buoyancy Blocks for Open Canoes

In open canoes airbags or solid foam buoyancy blocks are used to reduce the amount of water in the boat if you do capsize or get swamped. Generally open canoe buoyancy is fitted to each end of the boat, but for whitewater, paddlers will often fit centre bags as well.

Palm 3D Canoe Airbags (Single)

Palm Canoe Float Bags

The Palm 3D Canoe Buoyancy Bag is a heavy weight floatation airbag shaped to fit most open canoes, with a screw lock valve.

The Small 32 Inch fits most open canoes. Contact us if you're unsure which size is best for you.

RUK Canoe Buoyancy Blocks (Pair)

Pair of Buoyancy Blocks for open canoes

The canoe wedge blocks are a simple, effective and very robust flotation aid for open canoes. These canoe wedge blocks are sold in pairs and are made from a single shaped polystyrene foam block covered in a heavy duty material.