Enigma Canoes

We are able to supply the complete range of Enigma Open Canoes, please call for further details and availability on 01202 625256

Enigma RTI 13 solo open canadian canoe perfect for a range of fresh water paddling

Enigma RTI 13

Enigma Canoes RTI 13 the smallest and lightest solo open canoe in the Enigma Canoes range. Perfect for those searching for a lightweight plastic open canoe perfect for day paddling & taking out the dog.

Enigma Nimrod 14 solo or tandem open canadian canoe - Green

Enigma Nimrod 14

The Enigma Nimrod 14 the perfect open canoe for any paddlers looking for a lightweight, tough, triple layer plastic canoe. The Nimrod 14 is easy to handle both on and off the water tandem or solo.

Enigma Canoes Nimrod 15 Open Canoe - Red

Enigma Nimrod 15

The Enigma Nimrod 15 is the perfect open canoe for tandem 2 person paddling or, for a small family of 3 looking to get out on the water. The Enigma Canoes Nimrod 15 has a great carry capacity and will allow most tandem recreational paddlers to get away for the weekend.

Enigma Prospector 16 open canoe perfect for flat water touring or whitewater paddling

Enigma Prospector 16

Enigma Canoes Prospector 16 open canoe, the perfect size to paddle tandem or solo. The hull shape of the Prospector 16 is the most versatile in the Enigma Canoes Range, ideal for flat water or whitewater.

Enigma Turing 16 family or expedition open canadian canoe

Enigma Turing 16

The Enigma Turing 16 is great for paddlers who are looking for an open canoe capable of longer expeditions. The water line length and over all carry capacity makes the Turing 16 a dream for these paddlers. No Two Journeys The Same.

Enigma Turing 17 Family Open Canoe - Green

Enigma Turing 17

The Enigma Turing 17 is the ideal open canoe for a whole family wanting to get out on the water. The Turing 17 is the largest canoe in Enigma Canoes range and is even tough enough for hire & adventure centres.

Enigma Canoes Prospector 17 canoes for sale

Enigma Prospector 17

The Enigma Prospector 17 is the largest of the two Prospectors in the Enigma Canoe range, offering extra carrying capacity