Old Town Canadian Canoes

Canadian Open Canoes

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All Old Town Products Are Temporarily Unavailable
Take a look at our range of Open Canoes HERE for popular alternatives.

Old Town Canoes Saranac

Old Town Saranac 146 & 160

The Saranac is an excellent entry level canoe for recreational and family paddling. Available in two size's and featuring comfortable backrests and a centre seat/ storage area.

Old Town Canoes Discovery 118

Old Town Discovery 119

Lightweight solo Canadian Canoe made from Old Town's Polylink construction.

Old Town Discovery 158 Open Canoe

Old Town Discovery 158

An excellent all round open canoe, the Discovery 158 tracks and performs well on flat water, whilst still being able to cope with moving water. Constructed from extremely tough triple layer plastic.

Old Town Discovery 169 Family Open Canoe

Old Town Discovery 169

A firm favorite for family paddling on lakes and rivers thanks to its all round hull shape. The Old Town Discovery 169 is constructed from triple layer plastic.

Old Town Charles River Canadian Canoe

Old Town Charles River

A Traditional design canoe which is suitable for either Solo or Tandem paddling. Constructed from Triple layer polylink plastic.

Old Town Penobscot 174 Open Canoe

Old Town Penobscot 174

The Old Town Penobscot 174 is a generously sized open canoe for big family paddles and for touring with lots of gear.

Old Town Guide Open Triple Layer Canadian Style Canoe With Plastic Seats and backrest

Old Town Guide 147 & 160

The Old Town Guide is a tandem canoe perfect for nature watching and fishing.The Guide is constrtucted from Old Town's three layer Polylink material making it light, buoyant and strong.

Old Town Next solo canoe

Old Town Next

Solo canoe that incorporates both canoe and kayak characteristics for a fun paddling experience.