North Shore Sea Kayaks

We are the leading supplier of Sea Kayaks on the South Coast

North Shore Roto moulded plastic and composite sea kayaks available to buy from Bournemouth Canoes. Please call for advice, availability and lead time on 01202 625256.

North Shore Aspect RM Sea kayak

North Shore Aspect RM

A shorter design than other more traditional sea kayaks, having a well thought out hull shape. The Aspect is nimble, maneuverable and fantastic for a range of paddler abilities.

Northshore Atlanic Plastic Sea kayak

Northshore Atlantic RM

The Northsore Atlantic RM is a user friendly and well performing sea kayak best suited for day paddling and shorter expeditions.

North Shore Atlantic Evolution

North Shore Atlantic Evolution

With its strongly rockered soft chined and shallow v-shaped hull the Atlantic gives confidence and excitement to novices and experts alike. A more affordable option for those who want a composite sea Kayak for day paddling and expeditions.

North Shore Voyager Evolution Sea Kayaks

North Shore Voyager Evolution

The Northshore Voyager Evolution is a fantastic, low volume sea kayak, designed with a flat hull under the seat for increased stability, as well as hard chines which are perfect for use along the stunning British coastlines.

North Shore Atlantic 2 - Tandem Sea Kayaks

North Shore Atlantic II

The Northshore Atlantic II is one of the best tandem sea kayaks available in the UK - Please contact us for full information.