Viking Kayaks

Premium Fishing Kayaks

Below is a range of Viking kayaks, these have been made in New Zeland since 1999, gathering a huge following and rightly so!

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Viking kayaks Profish GT sit on top angling kayak

Viking Kayaks Profish GT

The Viking Profish GT measures just under 12 feet in length, this longer length makes this the perfect choice of kayak for both kayak anglers and recreational paddlers who are looking for a top quality touring sit on top that travels through the water with speed and ease.

Viking Kayaks Profish 400 lite sit on top fishing kayak

Viking Kayaks Profish 400

The Profish 400 is just over 13ft long and has flat chines making this kayak speedy, easy to steer and stable. Combine this with a variety of comfortable seating options to get one of the best touring sit on top kayaks on the market.

Viking Kayaks Profish Reload fishing and angling sit on top kayak

Viking Kayaks Profish Reload

The Profish Reload is fast, stable and easy to steer. The Profish Reload is easy to manage both on and off the water. On the water the Viking Profish Reload is the kayak of choice for any kayak angler looking for a top notch touring hull combined with the stability, this makes the Reload the perfect kayak for longer distances paddling and getting to your off shore fishing marks.

Wavesport Scooter Gemini Tandem Double Sit On Top Kayak

Viking Kayaks 2 Plus 1

A tandem sit on top that will comfortably take two adults and a small child, making this a superb option for family paddling yet it can also be used for solo paddling.

Package option with seats and paddles available.

Viking Kayaks Profish 35fishing kayak

Viking Kayaks Profish 35

The Profish 35 is lightweight and easy to paddle, which makes it a brilliant choice for the avid kayak fisher. Featuring a useful central storage compartment and many fitted rod holders, this is a great choice for first time anglers.