Pelican Canoes & Kayaks

We are able to supply a choice from the range of the Pelican Sport Canoes and Kayaks. Please call us on 01202 625256 for latest prices and availability.

Pelican Canoes 15.5

Pelican 15.5

A stable and easy to use open canoe, the Pelican 15.5 is popular for family paddling and easy expeditions.

Pelican 14.6 3 seater family open canoe ideal for extra comfort

Pelican Explorer 14.6

A superb first open canoe, the Pelican Explorer 14.6 is ideal for family days out, camping, fishing or just getting out on the water for a bit of fun.

Pelican Sprint 100XR open cockpit recreational kayak

Pelican Sprint 100XR

A brilliant little recreational open cockpit kayak, the Pelican Sprint 100XR is great for day touring, exploring your local river, and having a good time out on the water.

Pelican Sprint 120XR open cockpit recreational kayak

Pelican Sprint 120XR

The Pelican Sprint 120XR is the longer more effecient twin to the 100XR. It is also great for day touring and exploring the water but with greater speed and efficiency.