Perception Kayaks For Sale From Bournemouth Canoes

We are a leading stockist of Perception Kayaks in the UK

Perception are a well known brand within the kayaking industry for making very high quality sit on top, touring and recreational kayaks right here in the UK. Their designs range from stable and user friendly sit on top kayaks which are great for family use through to performance sea kayaks.

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Perception Sit on Top Kayaks

Perception Triumph 13 in Dapper

Perception Triumph 13

The Perception Triumph is a fantastic boat for those paddlers looking to go on longer journey's; with a longer water line this boat is faster than its smaller rivals.


Perception Touring and Sea Kayaks

Perception Kayaks Expression 11

Perception Expression 11

A superb day touring boat packed with features, the Expression 11 is sleek, stable and manouverable offering a superb design that can handle a variety of environments and conditions.

Perception Expression Touring Kayak

Perception Expression 14 & 15

The Expression touring kayaks are one of the best touring kayaks on the market.

Perception Kayaks Essence

Perception Essence

An affordable, single layer sea kayak suitable for all level's of ability for day touring and expedition paddling.

Perception Prodigy Kayak

Perception Prodigy II 14.5

A fast, stable and fun family open cockpit touring kayak. Hire and rental fleet versions available.


Perception Kayaks Currently Unavailable

Perception Sundance Kayak

Perception Sundance

An Easy Paddling Kayaks for new and recreational paddlers. Stable and comfortable large cockpit kayak.

Perception Pescador Sport 10 Sit On Top Recreational entry level kayak

Perception Pescador Sport 10

The Pescador Sport 10.0 has a versatile multichine hull offering manoeuvrability, stability and glide. With plenty of space it allows most paddlers to be very comfortable for a days paddling.

Perception Pescador Sport 12 a short touring kayak for beginners

Perception Pescador Sport 12

The Pescador Sport 12.0 has a longer multichine hull than the smaller Pescador 10.0. The 12.0 still offers great manoeuvrability, stability and glide, perfect for those looking to paddle a little further.

Perception Kayaks Moved To The Wave Sport Brand

Wavesport Scooter used to be the Perception Scooter Comfort

Perception Scooter

Wavesport have made the Scooter as a kayak which is fun for everyone to use, great for use in the sea, on rivers and out in the waves.

Perception Scooter Gemini Tandem Double Sit On Top Kayak

Perception Scooter Gemini

The Perception Gemini double sit on top is a fast, yet stable sit on top which is great for sea, harbours, rivers and estuaries.

Perception Kayaks Horizon

Perception Horizon

The Horizon is one of the only plastic Tandem touring kayaks currently available which features two cockpits. Fast yet stable; the Horizon is a great touring kayak for two people.

New Wavesport Vista, previously perception vista

Perception Vista

An open cockpit fast touring double kayak that can be fitted with an additional child's seat and an over-stern rudder.