Islander Kayaks

Islander Kayaks produce and range of sit on tops and touring kayaks that are made right here in the UK. Islander Kayaks are perfect for those taking their first steps into kayaking and are looking forfun on the water! Islander have also produced the worlds first kayak made from Marine Recycled Plastic - a great idea to help combat plastic pollution in the oceans. The full range from Islander can be ordered through Bournemouth Canoes so please get in contact if the model you require is not listed below.

Islander Calypso Sport Kayak

Islander Koa - Beach

One of the most playful and versatile sit on tops in the Islander range. If you looking for a super fun and responsive kayak to keep you active on the water, then the Islander Koa could be for you.

Islander Calypso Sport Kayak

Islander Calypso Sport

One of the most family friendly sit on tops in the Islander range. If you looking for a brilliant, all-rounder kayak to paddle in a variety of locations, then the Islander Calypso could be ideal for you and your family.


Islander Kayaks Models - Currently Unavailable

Islander Jive Kayak

Islander Jive

A super stable and compact touring kayak; perfect for relaxed inland and light costal paddling.

Islander Hula Kayak

Islander Hula

The sportiest sit on top Islander has to offer. If you looking for a super enjoyable kayak for paddling down the beach or even playing in the surf, then the Islander Hula could be for you.

Islander Bolero Kayak

Islander Bolero

The Islander Bolero is great touring kayak for those looking to paddle efficiently across reasonable distances, yet has a good level of stability to inspire confidence in choppy water. The Bolero is a brilliant, all-round touring kayak, ideal for inland or coastal adventures.

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