Werner Nantahala

A top of the range whitewater canoe paddle

The Werner Nantahala is a top of the range open canoe paddle perfect for a range of paddling including whitewater. With a fibreglass blade and shaft, this is a superb lightweight paddle.

Nantahala: £189.99

***Stock Limited Please Call Ahead***

Werner Nantahala Fibreglass Lightweight Open Canoe Paddle

Werner Nantahala Paddle - Supplied Uncut

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Werner Nantahala


The Werner Nantahala offers an excellent balance of power and a smooth stroke.


The Nantahala has fibreglass blades designed to be versatile for recreational and whitewater canoeing. The symmetrical blade has a great catch with smooth forward and reverse strokes. Fibreglass shaft with oval index adds control and comfort. An enhanced ABS T-grip is designed for maximum control and greater durability.


NOTE: In the UK the Nantahala is sold Uncut for optimum custom fit.


  • Premium Performance uses material choice and manufacturing skill to allow for a perfect combination of light swing weight and stiffness. Fibreglass blade construction gives you a compromise between swing weight and value.
  • Optimised flex and strength with our Bomber fibreglass shaft.
  • Oval index for added control.
  • Bright Pearl fibreglass blade.
  • Enhanced ABS T-grip is designed for maximum control and greater durability.
  • Weight: 773g

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