Neoprene Spraydecks

Fantastic for whitewater kayaks, offering the most secure fit

Full neoprene spraydecks are the most dry and feature a thick shock cord around the outside and a tight neoprene waist tube. The neoprene that these decks are made from is stretchy, and as they are pulled over the cockpit they create a tight seal which the water can run off quickly and easily meaning water ingress is minimal. The tighter neoprene tubes on this type of deck also stop water coming in through your waist area when rolling or paddling in whitewater and surf.

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Peak Standard Spraydeck

Peak Standard Neoprene Spraydeck

The Peak Standard Deck is a great choice for beginner to intermediate kayakers. Featuring a 4mm Neoprene construction and 10mm Shock Cord, this spraydeck is tough, reliable and easy to use. The latex print also adds reinforcement to help maintain a secure fit to the cockpit rim.



Palm Sport Spraydeck

Palm Sport Neoprene Spraydeck

The Sport Deck from Palm Equipment is a simple shockcord spraydeck, made from CR neoprene in Palm's high quality construction. Available in a varitey of sizes, this spraydeck will work on most kayaks, and is a brilliant choice for a beginner whitewater paddler.



Palm Enduro Spraydeck

Palm Enduro Whitewater Neoprene Spraydeck

The Palm Enduro spraydeck is a heavy duty whitewater spray deck with a tough shock chord and latex reinforcement. The Enduro seals extremely well but is still easy to put on and remove from the cockpit, it also features Palm's new O ring waist tube system to make it as dry as possible. The Enduro is ideal for river running, white water, and playboating.



Palm Impact Spraydeck

Palm Impact Whitewater Spraydeck

The best shockcord deck for whitewater and freestyle kayaking that Palm Equipment has to offer. A super strong 9.5 mm shockcord grips the cockpit rim, and the snug fitting O-ring seal keeps the waist tube secure. Featuring a Nytex reinforced rim the Impact is really tough and can take a decent amount of abuse. The three-quarter dry lip keeps the inside of your cockpit practically bone dry.



Palm Orbit Spraydeck

Palm Orbit Rand Whitewater Spraydeck

This is Palm's rand spraydeck, and is designed to grip onto your kayak when paddling some intense whitewater. The implosion proof centre section absorbs the impact of the water after sending a big drop. The KNytex Kevlar reinforcement protects the deck from damage on the outside, while the Gripsil holds the deck tightly to the cockpit rim. The Palm Orbit is fully loaded with top quality construction and awesome features.