River Running and Creek Kayaks

These Kayaks are made for whitewater, to be out on the river running rapids, drops and anything else you might want to paddle.

Riot Magnum whitewater kayak, ideal for a range of paddle abilites and water conditions

Riot Magnum

The Riot Magnum designed for creeking it is the correct length, shape and size for punching through features easily without losing much of your speed or momentum. A brilliant and affordable whitewater kayak.

Riot Thunder 65 & 76

Riot Thunder 65 & 76

The Riot Thunder is a forgiving stable river runner. Designed with a flat hull and just the right amount of edge so it will eddy hop with ease and flat spin in any feature

Wavesport Diesel river running kayak in blackout spec

Wavesport Diesel - WhiteOut

The Wavesport Diesel is a do it all river running kayak, having been popular for many years the Diesel is now available in this basic level of outfitting for an extremely affordable, proven river runner.

Dagger Mamba River running kayak now in a cheaper action spec

Dagger Mamba

The Dagger Mamba is the result of many years development, an all out Whitewater kayak which will handle anything you can throw at it. Now available in action spec to keep the cost low!


High Spec Whitewater Kayaks

These Kayaks offer some of the best features for high performace whitewater paddling.

Wavesport Diesel river running kayak

Wavesport Diesel - CORE WhiteOut

The Wavesport Diesel is a do it all river running kayak,having been popular for many years the Wavesport Diesel with Core WhiteOut outfitting offers maximum control and comfort.

Dagger Code Creek Whitewater Kayak

Dagger Code

Brand New 2021 Whitewater Creek Kayak designed to be super responsive to paddle strokes with pinpoint accuracy. More details to be revealed soon!

Dagger Rewind Whitewater creek kayak

Dagger Rewind

The Rewind, brand new from Dagger for 2020, will become an instant classic. Described as the new generation Axiom, the Dagger Rewind will be a must have for any aspiring white-water paddler looking to enhance their river running experience.

Wavesport Phoenix Cherry Bomb Is A Tough Creeking Whitewater Kayak

Wavesport Phoenix

The Wave Sport Phoenix offers a combination of speed and agility, allowing paddlers to take on some of the toughest creeking around.

Dagger Phantom Whitewater creek kayak

Dagger Phantom

The Dagger Phantom offers great speed and a high performance hull. The planing hull offers great speed out of drops, whislt the extra rocker gives easy placement for more technical moves.

Dagger Mamba River running kayak

Dagger Nomad

The Dagger Nomad is a classic design which has been over hauled for 2016. This updated version is likely to be hugely popular with paddlers who like their whitewater steep and big!.


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