Sit On Top & Recreational Touring Kayak Paddles

Recreational paddles for use with Sit on top, Recreational touring kayaks and inflatables. Generally these paddles are in the 220cm length range and are ideal for rivers, lakes, estuaries and the sea.

Feelfree Day Tour Alloy Kayak Paddle

Great value for money introductory paddle with alloy shaft & assymetric plastic blades.

Price From:


Feelfree Day Tour Glass Kayak Paddle

A very good value for money low angle bladed paddle with glass fibre shaft and plastic blades.

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TNP TNP Asymmetric 3 Part Split Kayak Paddle

Superb entry level kayak paddle to get your kids on the water. Alloy shaft and assymetric plastic blades.


Originz Northwest Passage Kayak Paddle

A touring blade design with a tough fibreglass shaft offering high performance at an entry-level price


Streamlyte Kinetic Tour - Foundation

A lightweight paddle with efficient down-turned blades for smooth paddle strokes with great power transfer. Features a Fiberglass shaft and Polypropylene blades reinforced with Fiberglass.


Werner Tybee Kayak Paddle

A mid size sea kayak paddle with nylon blades and glass fibre shaft. Perfect for touring and sit on top paddling.