Feelfree Day Tour Glass Paddle

Deluxe Touring paddle with Glass Fibre shaft and plastic blades

A superb value paddle for touring and sit on top kayaks with a glass fibre shaft and plastic, assymetric blades

1 Piece 215cm & 220cm £74.95

2 Piece 220cm £84.95

Feelfree Glass Fibre Paddle

Feelfree Day Tour Glass Paddle

Feelfree Day Tour Glass Split
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Feelfree Day Tour Glass


Featuring the same design as the Feelfree Day Tour Alloy, but with a glass fibre shaft, the Day tour Glass is an afforable, yet reasonably lightweight and robust paddle that is ideal for sit on top and touring kayaks.


The assymetrical blades help with paddling effeciency, whilst an index grip helps to locate your hands whilst paddling and drip rings reduce spray and increase comfort when on the water.


The day tour paddles are also available in a two piece version to help with storage and transportation or for use as emergency sea kayak paddles. The two piece split paddle can also be used left aswell as right handed.


  • Asymmetric Blade design
  • Glass Fibre Shaft
  • Nylon ferrule for low vibration
  • Drip Rings
  • Index Hand Locator

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