Kayak Deck Bags, Paddle Britches & Scabbards

Deck Bags, Paddle Britches & Paddle Scabbards For Touring and Sea Kayaks

Kayak deck bags are an easy way to keep needed kit and snacks close to hand when paddling. While paddle britches and scabbards allow easy and safe storage of emergency split paddles.

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Kayak Deck Bags

Riot Kayak Deck Bag Makes For Quick and Easy Storage

Riot Deck Bag

The Riot Deck Bag is perfect to keep anything you need close to hand in

whilst out on the water. Made from abrasion resistant 500D PVC, with 4 easy release buckle straps for attaching to your deck lines, with further attachment points and bungee on the top of the deck bag.

  • L 37cm x W 31 x H 16cm
Northwater Peaked Deck Bag Ideal For Touring Kayaks For Extra Storage

Northwater Peaked Deck Bag

The Northwater peaked deck bag is contoured to fit the shape of your

deck providing the perfect fit. This 420 denier nylon deck bag uses a polyethylene liner to keep the bag's shape. This tapered design renders less wind and wave resistance.

  • L 12" x W 12" front - 7" back / H 7" front - 3" back.
Northwater Expedition Deck Bag Added Quick and Easy Access To Key Kit When Touring

Northwater Expedition Deck Bag

The Northwater Expedition gives space for your kit on long trips. The

unique ‘Non-Slip’ attachment system uses a vinyl base sewn at the rear of the bag and held with hook and loop. A polyethylene liner shapes it for easy access through the front zippered entry. 

  • L 14" X W 13.5" X H 4.5"

Emergency Kayak Paddle Storage

Northwater Paddle Britches for split paddle storage fitted to a kayak

Northwater Paddle Britches

The Northwater Paddle Britches allow you to store a spare paddle within

easy reach on a sea kayak. A tapered polyethylene stiffener in each sleeve your paddle will effortlessly slide in every time. They can be attached or transferred from boat to boat without untying your deck lines

  • Allows you to carry a spare paddle
  • Polyethylene stiffener in sleeve for effortless storage.
Northwater Paddle Scabbards Fitted to a Kayak with a split paddle

Northwater Paddle Scabbards

These paddle scabbards are made extra-long to accommodate any size

paddle, boat length and paddler. They have just the right amount of compression to hold the paddle while you can adjust the deck lines over the blades. Their unique design complements the streamlined shape of your bow allowing wind and waves to flow by effortlessly.

  • Allows you to carry a spare paddle
  • Streamlined shape to shed water
  • Adjustable to fit a wide variety of boats