Sea Kayaking Safety Equipment

Keep safe on your sea kayaking Trips with these safety essentials

Sea kayaking safety equipment essentials these are must haves for paddling.

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Fox 40 Whistle for Attention when in danger or in need of rescuing on the water

Fox 40 Whistle

The standard choice for personal safety and rescue professionals worldwide. The Fox 40 whistle can be heard above ambient noise, engines and breaking waves. The chambers are designed to self-clear when submerged in water and there are no moving parts to jam.

  • One piece design that will not jam
  • Can be heard above ambient noise, engines and breaking waves
Beluga Bilge Pump ideal for getting water out of your kayak when on the water

Beluga Bilge Pump

The Beluga Bilge Pump is a great piece of safety kit to have whether you are Touring or Sea Kayaking. It fits neatly under your deck bungee to be rapidly deployed should you experience a flooded cockpit. The Beluga Bilge Pump also features built-in floatation should you drop it.

  • Makes it easy to remove unwanted water from any boat.
  • Comes with built in floatation
  • No hose required, the water will spray out over the side of your boat.
Palm Snake Sling canoe and kayak paddling rescue safety equipment

Palm Snake Sling

The Palm Snake Sling is a versatile piece of safety kit that fits nicely into the front pock of your buoyancy aid when rolled up. Made from tubular nylon webbing it can be used as a towing sling or anchor, has sewn in loops both ends.

  • 25mm tubular Nylon tape, 4m length.
Palm 5m Safety Tape Rescue Equipment

Palm 5m Safety Tape

5m safety tape that fits nicely into the front pock of your buoyancy aid when rolled up into a coil. It can be used as a short throw line or a sling with Velcro fastening one end & sewn loop the other.

  • 25mm tubular Nylon tape, 5m length.
Palm Wire Gate Karabiner A Must Have Bit Of Safety Equipment For Kayak and Canoeing

Palm Wire Gate Karabiner

Aluminium wire gate karabiner with anodised finish and gate opening of 35mm. This karabiner will fit over most paddle shafts.

  • Maximum breaking strength 22 kN (major axis), 8 kN (minor axis), 7 kN (open gate)
Palm Screw Gate Karabiner Safety Equipment For Canoe and Kayaking

Palm Screw Gate Karabiner

Alloy karabiner with a screw gate opening of 23mm and an anodised finish.

  • Maximum breaking strength 24 kN (major axis), 7 kN (minor axis), 7 kN (open gate)
  • EN122275:1998/B&K and EN362:2004/B - UIAA approved
Guardian Navigation Light a small LED safety light is ideal for Sea Kayaking

Guardian Nav Light

A small navigation light that is waterproof rated to 100m and comes with a battery and clip .A patented Reverse Polarity Program Switch™ means that the light can be changed between flashing and steady on modes by flipping the battery over. Visible for up to 1 mile comes with a clip for attachment buoyancy aids shoulder strap. Available in White, Green or Red colour options.

  • 6V Lithium Coin Cell Battery Pack (included)
  • Length: 1.6" (4cm)
  • Height: 1" (2.5cm) or 1.6" (4cm) /w Belt Clip
  • Width: 1.2" (3cm)
  • Operating Temperature: -20 to +65°C
  • Waterproof Rating: 100 Meters (328 Feet)
  • Battery:2x Cr2032 3V Lithium Coin Cell
waterproof first aid kit ideal for kayaking and canoeing trips

Lifesystems First Aid Kit

Perfect for taking on kayaking and canoeing trips, the Lifesystems first aid

kit comes complete in a waterproof bag and features everything you need for basic first aid.

Palm Folding Knife with bite tabe for easy opening

Palm Folding Knife

The Palm folding knife has a 70mm locking blade with serrated rope

cutting edge and a blunt end for safety. This neatley fits into a BA pocket and has a bite tab for easier opening.

  • Please call to check stock before traveling
NRS Co-Pilot Rescue Knife

NRS Co-Pilot Knife

Both rescue professionals and recreational boaters will really love the

features of the Co-Pilot Knife. Not only does their unique design attract attention, their sheath provides convenient access and release of the knife when you need it most.

  • Please call to check stock before traveling
Paddle Floats a must have bit of safety kit for sea and touring kayakers

Paddle Floats

Paddle floats are an essential bit of kit for making self rescues easier,

simply add the float to your paddle and use as a support. Paddle floats can be either Foam or Inflatable, we stock a range of both.